Trove Social
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Trove Social Referral Program

Earn $100 off your dues when you share Trove Social with your friends and they become a member!

Terms and Conditions

For anyone you bring in to apply for a new membership or who comes to us saying that you referred them will be considered your referral (there can only be one referral per new applicant, and the applicant has final say over who referred them). Once the applicant is accepted, has paid all fees, and their membership starts, you will receive $100 off your membership which will either be applied to your current term of membership or banked for a future membership term. The referred member will receive a 10% discount on membership, applicable for their first 5 years as a member. We will keep track of your membership referral credits for you, and you can always ask about their status.Unused referral credits will expire upon cancelation of your membership and referral credits have no cash value in the event that they cannot be redeemed for any reason. 

This policy applies to each and every member you bring to the club. There is no referral limit.

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